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Drinking Water & Private Well Testing in Vineland, New Jersey

Find out for sure if the water you use is safe with services from Vineland Environmental Laboratories, LLC. We specialize in private well testing and other procedures for scientific evaluation of water quality for home sellers and buyers, realtors, builders, and businesses. This is the ideal way to specifically know what is in your drinking water. Protect your family from hidden water dangers with service from our environmental testing laboratory in Vineland, New Jersey.


Water Services

• Drinking Water Analysis

• New & Replacement Wells

• Private Well Testing for Homeowners

• Non - Community & Community Public Systems

• Waste Water Analysis

Water — Drinking Water & Private Well Testing in Vineland, New Jersey

Drinking Water Analysis

We conduct drinking water analysis for residential private wells and public water systems (pools). Our technicians collect samples directly from the source to test for total coliform, iron, manganese, pH, nitrates, lead, arsenic, or mercury, depending on the county. You receive results in 4 to 5 days.

New and Replacement Wells

When you install a new well, hire us to do a private well test. We can fax or email to the county Health Departments at your request.

Non-Community & Community Public Systems

If you are responsible for community and non-community public systems, we help keep their water clean with testing. We perform thorough testing that helps you stick to your set schedules.

Waste Water Analysis

We offer a Detailed Monitoring Report (DMR) to assess the condition of streams, sanitary discharges, landfills, and land application sites. This service identifies bacteria and heavy metals among other pollutants.